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Last updated: 10-13-2010

Announcements is a useful tool for getting information out to students. Announcements are listed on the Home Page of the course so it would be difficult for anyone logging into the system to miss them. You can also reinforce the message by sending an email to users when you post an Announcement.

Add an Announcement

From the course to which you want to add an Announcement:

Assignments and Tests & Quizzes tools offer the option to automatically post an Announcement about the Due Date of a particular Assignment or Assessment. This Announcement will contain a link to the Assignment or Assessment.

Merge Announcements

The Merge Announcements allows you to choose to show Announcements from any or all other sites in which you are enrolled. If you teach three English courses, you can show Announcements from all three. Be aware that you cannot pick and choose the Announcements from each course that you want to merge. If you choose a course to merge, it will bring in every Announcement from that course, even those that are hidden, though they are also hidden here.

Once your Announcements are merged, students will see the Announcements for the courses in which they are enrolled. To follow our example above, if you teach three graduate level English courses and several of your students are enrolled in all three courses, those students will be able to see the Announcements for all three of the courses. Students who are not enrolled in all three courses, will only see the Announcements for their course(s).

To merge Announcements:

Announcements Options

"Options" allows you to determine how you want your Announcements to appear, and also allows for the creation of an RSS feed to your publicly viewable announcements.

To set up your Announcement Options:

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