Applying the UF Logo to your Qualtrics survey

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Follow these steps to apply the University of Florida Logo to your survey.

  1. Log in to Qualtrics at
  2. Choose a survey, or create a new survey
    • You should be in the Edit Survey tab
  3. Click the Look and Feel button in the top left
  4. Choose "University of Florida" in the top drop-down to select a skin from the UF skin library
  5. Select the first skin labeled "University of Florida" in the bottom drop-down to choose the generic UF skin.
  6. The skin is ready to use as a generic UF skin. If you click the Save button, the logo will appear as
  7. You are able to brand the logo with a custom text title. In the Look & Feel settings, choose the Advanced tab. In the Header section, insert your custom title. Click the Save button.
    The logo will appear as follows
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