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There are two online testing tools in Sakai, Assessments and Tests & Quizzes. You may choose whichever of these tools best meets your needs. In general, Tests & Quizzes offers more function than Assessments, but many people find the Assessments tool more intuitive and easier to use.

The two tools are very different in their approach to online testing.

Assessments offers a "Likert Scale" Question Type that is not an option in Tests & Quizzes. It also offers the option to require students to acknowledge the Honor Pledge before they can submit the assessment. Certain question types, Multiple Choice, True/False, and Essay, can be imported into Assessment from Respondus. Question Pools can be imported from Tests & Quizzes into Assessments.

Tests & Quizzes offers the added security of limiting an assessment to a specific IP address, or group of IP addresses. You have the ability to show students the statistics on an assessment and individual questions within the assessment.

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