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Assignments is a useful tool for delivering, tracking and grading student submissions. Even non-electronic submissions can be tracked using the Assignments tool.

Add An Assignment

To create an Assignment:

Availability Dates

Submission Types

Grading Methods


Gradebook Association

It is important to note the differences in allowing the Assignments tool to add a column to the Gradebook for you, and choosing an already created Gradebook item.

If you choose "Add Assignment to Gradebook," a column is automatically created for you in the Gradebook. You must grade the Assignment in the Assignments tool. You cannot open the column in the Gradebook and enter grades there.

If you create a column in the Gradebook before you create the Assignment, and associate the Assignment with that column, you can grade in the Assignments tool, and you can open the Gradebook item and enter grades directly into the Gradebook. This is also useful if you have an Assignment that you will be giving to different groups. For example, you have an Assignment for Group 1 and an Assignment for Group 2, but you select the same Gradebook column for the grades. Using this method, you do not need to have two separate Gradebook columns for the two Assignments.


Email Notifications

This option allows you to choose whether or not you want to receive an email notifying you when a student submits. The default is that you do not receive the email.



Student View

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