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Production Release notes for Saturday, January 30, 2016.
In this production release (January 30), students can locate the modules progress bar more easily. All users can reply directly to announcement and discussion notifications, and the Canvas user interface includes font and icon adjustments.


Updated Features


Discussion and Announcement Reply URLs

When a user receives a notification for a reply to a discussion or announcement thread, the URL in the email links directly to the post rather than the top of the thread.

This feature was originally suggested by the Canvas community.

User Interface

Icon Updates

Several icons have received a slight design update throughout Canvas. Updated icons include stats, settings, check mark, trash, message, check plus, email, and discussion check.

Fixed Bugs










Rich Content Editor

User Settings

Course Imports

Restricted Files and Modules

When a course is copied in Canvas, restricted course files that have been placed in a module retain their module association.

Explanation: When a user copied a course that included restricted (hidden) files in a module, the restricted files were not longer associated with the module. This behavior occurred because course copies only retained module attachments for active files. Canvas code has been updated to retain attachments for all files that have not been deleted.


Student Attachments and Course File Quota

Students can submit attachments to a discussion as long as they have not exceeded their user files quota.

Explanation: When a student attached a file to a discussion reply, the reply was not able to be posted if the course file quota had been exceeded. This behavior occurred because Canvas permissions were confirming the course quota instead of the user quota. Canvas code has been updated to only confirm the user quota for discussion attachments.

ePub Exports


Subfolders are included as part of an ePub export.

Explanation: When a user exported a course ePub with multiple subfolders in Course Files, the ePub export was not including the subfolders. This behavior occurred because the export permission was not confirming subfolders. Canvas code has been updated with a secondary permission that verifies all subfolders included in a course.

Duplicate File Names

Users can export a course ePub file if the same file exists in multiple course directories.

Explanation: When a user tried to export an ePub file, and if the same course file existed in multiple directories and was embedded in course content, the export was not able to be completed. This behavior occurred because the ePub export was not configured to support the same file in multiple course locations. Canvas code has been updated to support identical files in ePub exports.


CSS Relative URLs

Within a course Files directory, relative links in CSS files should be accessed and displayed.

Explanation: When a relative HTML link is included in a CSS file, the link generated an unauthorized error. This behavior occurred because of an error in rendering inline file attachments where Canvas was trying to access the file without an access key. Canvas code has been updated to support inline HTML content in CSS files.


Concluded Courses and Download All Submissions Button

Instructors can download submissions from concluded courses.

Explanation: When an instructor viewed a manually concluded course and clicked the Download All Submissions button, the download failed. This behavior occurred because the original fix in the November 21, 2015 release did not apply to manually concluded courses. Canvas code has been updated to allow user to download submissions if they have the View All Grades permission.

Re-muted Assignments and Submission Comments

If an instructor mutes an assignment, unmutes the assignment, and then mutes the assignment again, all comments are hidden from the submission.

Explanation: When an instructor muted and unmuted assignments multiple times, submission comments were not always being hidden from students. This behavior occurred because comments were being inconsistently hidden across several pages. Canvas code has been updated to check muted status of assignment before displaying comments in Canvas.

Differentiated Assignments

The Gradebook disables assignment cells for any student not assigned to an assignment.

Explanation: When an instructor created an assignment and only assigned it to a few students, the first 10 students in the Gradebook always had their assignment cells available for grading regardless of whether they were associated with the assignment. This behavior occurred because of a sorting miscalculation with differentiated assignments. Canvas code has been updated to fix assignment availability in the Gradebook for differentiated assignments.

Individual View Gradebook and Submission Downloads

The Gradebook Individual View paginates assignment submissions according to the number of assignments in the course.

Explanation: When a user switched to the Individual View of the Gradebook and loaded an assignment submission, the submissions that had not yet loaded were grouped with at least 100 students, often causing a loading timeout error. This behavior occurred because Individual View was not supporting grouped submissions. Canvas code has been updated to paginate student submissions in Individual View.


English (United Kingdom/Australia)

The United Kingdom and Australia English language preferences do not include a PM drop-down menu when setting calendar dates.

Explanation: When a course or user account had a language preference set to English (United Kingdom) or English (Australia), entering a time and then selecting the PM drop-down option still applied the time as 24-hour time. This behavior occurred because Canvas wasn’t differentiating between languages that supported 12-hour time and those that preferred 24-hour time. Canvas code has been updated to remove the PM drop-down menu in the calendar for all language set to prefer 24-hour time.

Link Validator

Overwritten Links

The Link Validator does not report overwritten links as deleted links.

Explanation: When an instructor uploaded or renamed a file, or updated a page name, the Link Validator was highlighting these links as deleted links. This behavior occurred because the Link Validator did not support updates to course pages or files after they were originally linked in the course. Canvas code has been updated to improve link verification in the Link Validator.


Grading Schemes and Assignment Resubmissions

When a student resubmitted an assignment with an attached grading scheme, SpeedGrader retains the original score if the instructor opts to use the same grade for the resubmission.

Explanation: When a student resubmitted an assignment with an attached grading scheme, if the instructor clicked the Use same grade for resubmission link, the initial score was lost and the highest possible score of the range was given instead. This behavior occurred because SpeedGrader wasn’t confirming an existing score. Canvas code has been updated to check resubmitted assignments for existing scores.

Next release schedule:

Note: You can follow the release schedule on the Canvas Updates calendar

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