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All Users

How do I login to Canvas?

Go to and click Canvas Login. Login using your Gatorlink username and password.

Which browser should I use for Canvas?

Firefox, Chrome, and Safari all work well with Canvas. Internet Explorer has significant problems and is not recommended.

What is the Dashboard?

How do I navigate in Canvas?

How do I set my Notification Preferences in Canvas?

How do I communicate with other people in the Canvas system?

How do I set up my profile?

How do I customize my course list?

How do I change the language preference in my account?

Where do I go for help with using Canvas?

Contact the UF Computing Help Desk. There are also useful guides, videos, and tutorials available by clicking help in the upper-right corner of the Canvas screen.


Where are my Grades?

How do I submit an online assignment?

How do I reply to a Discussion?

What if I drop/add a course?

Your Canvas courses will be automatically updated with the change, but it doesn't happen instantaneously. It could take several hours to see the change.


How do I get my course in Canvas?

Instructors may request a course using [this form]. You will receive an email which confirms your request and provides additional information about when your course will be created, how to access it, and links to more information.

How do I add participants to my course?

Your students will be enrolled automatically based on the Registrar database. For TAs, Facilitators, Designers, Observers, etc., email and provide the first and last name, the UFID, and the course and section to which the person(s) should be added.

Can I use Turnitin in Canvas?

What are APPS?

In the "Settings" section of your course, there will be a tab that lists many apps which you could add to your course. At this time, none of these apps have been approved by our IT Security Team for use in Canvas. Many of the apps require a paid license to use. Please do not incorporate these apps into your course until further notice.

What is SpeedGrader and how do I use it?

What is the Analytics tool?

How do I submit my final grades to Grade-a-Gator from the Canvas Gradebook?

How do I give special access to an assessment?

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