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The Drop Box tool allows you to provide a private folder for each student for file upload. Students can see and add files to their own folder only. Students can create folders and upload files to this folder that can be accessed by instructors. Instructors may add files to these folders for students as well, but if you want the file to go to more than one student, you will have to add it to each student's folder. Students may also create Webdav connections to their Drop Box folder to allow for upload of large numbers of files at once. This also allows the upload of files larger than 100MB.

The only thing the Instructor needs to do is add the Drop Box tool to the course toolbar.

  1. Go to Site info > Edit Tools > Check the box beside "Dropbox"
  2. Click Continue
  3. Click Finish

You may add other folders and files to the Drop Box area, but these files will be accessible to Instructors only. Students only see what is in their own folder.

NOTE: A red star on any folder indicates that there are new items in that folder.

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