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UserVoice is a service that allows users to submit feedback and suggestions related to e-Learning.



How does voting work?

Every end-user is given 10 votes. They can choose to spend anywhere from 1 – 3 votes per idea but can run out of votes. Users need at least one vote to create a suggestion.

How do my users get their votes back?

You have two different ways to get your votes back. You control one and we (LSS) control the other.

When Ideas Are Closed, Votes Are Returned

When we “Close” an idea, give it a “Completed” or “Declined” status, votes will be returned to users. If we delete an idea, users will not get their votes back. By default, the only two closed statuses are Completed and Declined.

Note: When we “Close” an idea, the idea will still retain its vote count even though votes have been returned to users

Users Can Redistribute Their Votes

Sometime you don’t want to wait for your votes to be returned. You see a new idea and want to be able to vote for it right away. You actually have the option to reorganize your votes.

  1. Click the "Settings" link in the top right corner.
    You’ll see your profile on the right and on the left two tabs—"My Ideas" and “Comments.”
  2. If you click on “My Ideas,” you will see a list of all the suggestions you’ve voted for. The blue vote button shows how many votes you’ve give each idea.
  3. When you click on the button, you’ll be given the option to change the number of votes you’ve given the idea or to remove your votes altogether.

Email Notifications

How do you change your notification settings?

  1. Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see your avatar and username in the top right corner. Just below, you’ll see two links—"Settings" and “Sign Out.”
  2. Click on “Settings,” you’ll see your profile along with “Email Notifications.”
  3. You’ll have two options.
    1. Receive live status changes, admin responses
    2. Receive comment updates

By default “Receive live status changes, admin responses” will be selected. If you unselect this option, they will not receive any status updates or Admin messages on ideas you’re supporting. Users can select which notifications they want to receive (if any), and they’re done. You can change your notifications at any time.

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