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Elluminate is a system that provides a synchronous, interactive, “virtual classroom.” Currently, Elluminate is not centrally supported, but various colleges, departments and organizations may pay a fee for services based on a Full Time Equivalence (FTE) of students and staff using the software.

Elluminate is a service that provides online chat/conversation using text and voice (one-to-many, many-to-many). Video interaction can also be integrated. As such, it creates a synchronous, interactive "virtual classroom" for lectures, discussions, and collaboration. However, there are many tools in E-Learning unavailable in Elluminate (e.g. gradebook, learning modules, discussions); so these two systems are complimentary resources.

Currently, Colleges, Departments and University organizations (units) wanting to participate in the agreement are required to pay a fee for services based on a Full Time Equivalence (FTE) of students and staff using the software during the year. Software Licensing Services http://software.ufl.edu/elluminate supports the license. Local administration of Elluminate is provided by E-Learning Support Services and training is provided by the CITT http://citt.ufl.edu.

Once participating in the license, users of E-Learning can link to Elluminate from within their courses using web links. Likewise, users involved in an Elluminate session can open e-Learning in a separate browser, making both services available at the same time.

The Elluminate company and e-Learning Support Services are currently working on a plug-in that will actually integrate Elluminate within the E-learning system; but we do not yet know when that capability will be available.





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