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How do I get started?

Getting Started

How do I request a course in e-Learning?

If you are a faculty or staff member you may request a course by completing the Faculty e-Learning Course Request. If your submission went through successfully, you should see a confirmation screen with a green "successful submission" message. You will also receive an email confirming your submission. If you do not receive confirmation, try submitting again or call us at 352.392.4357 x3. Learn more about the requesting your Course here.

What if my students or I get a 404 error?

404 errors are caused by links to pages that do not exist, have been moved, renamed, or the user does not have permission to view (usually students). You may have:

How do I add users or participants to my course?

Add users or participants


How do I use Turnitin in e-Learning?

When creating the Assignment:

Gradebook 2

How do I import grades from Scantron or Excel?

  1. Gradebook 2
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