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Frequently Asked Questions, and answers. Last updated: 10 13 2010


How do I get started?

Getting Started

Having trouble viewing PDF's?

Firefox and Chrome browsers have been freezing or not displaying some PDF files. We have identified three workarounds to address this issue.

  1. Right click the file or link and select save link as option and save the file to your computer before viewing
  2. Use a different browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari as we have not seen the PDF issue with these browsers
  3. If you are using Firefox or Chrome you can install a PDF plugin for your browser to prevent this issue from occurring
  4. Configure your browser to prompt for file download instead of opening documents in the browser

How do I import grades from Scantron or Excel?

  1. Gradebook
  2. Gradebook 2

What causes a 403 error?

403 errors are caused by links to pages that do not exist or links to pages that the user does not have permission to view.

  1. First check that the link

How do I change my grade scale to not use A+?

  1. Go to Gradebook and not Gradebook 2
  2. Click course grade options from the top menu
  3. Modify scale accordingly (Most people just make A+ greater than 100 percent)
  4. Save

How do I use Turnitin in Sakai?

  1. Click on the Assignments tool
  2. Click the Add button
  3. Change student submissions to attachments only as inline text will not generate a Turnitin report
  4. Select the check box next to 'Use Review Service' or 'TurnItIn'
  5. Modify other settings as desired and save

How do I request a course for Sakai?

If you are a faculty or staff member you may request a course by completing are course request form found at | https://lss.at.ufl.edu/forms/choose.shtml.

How do I add users or participants to my course?

Add users or participants

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