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e-Learning Feature Request


  1. When an assessment is set for all questions on same page, and there is a time limit: "freeze the clock on the screen so it can follow them as they scroll" (jeremy.pye@gmail.com) 10/7/2010
  2. Instructor does not want the pre-test instructions to tell students that "You may exit at any time by clicking on 'Continue Later.'" (cmitchell) 10/12/2011


  1. When you check the option to post an announcement about the open date of the Assignment, it creates the announcement immediately instead of waiting until the open date. Should create the Announcement on the Open Date. (slawphon) 09/22/2011
  2. Instructor allows 2 resubmissions prior to the due date, but does not want students to be able to resubmit once she has graded their submission. Currently, the default when grading is that there are two submissions prior to the due date - just as she set it up when creating the Assignment. She wants the default when grading to be "no resubmission." (slawphon)09/22/2011

Gradebook and Gradebook 2

  1. When Importing a spreadsheet with the UFID and section number, give a more informative error message (Gradebook only). (plaipis) 12/13/2010
  2. Provide the ability to import a non-numeric column.


  1. Have the ability to organize the files stored under "Manage Content" into folders. Right now there is no way to organize these.


  1. Provide the option when uploading same file in Resources to add a version #. Currently, it only asks to replace the original. (plaipis) 12/13/2010
  2. When creating URLs, make them case sensitive. (plaipis) 12/13/2010
  3. Edit details field doesn't save. (plaipis) 12/13/2010 (Don't know what this means - JoLaine)
  4. Add a WARNING: by removing READ access in the Resources tool, students are unable to see attachments in the course site! 1/25/2011 (rrodgers@jou.ufl.edu)
  5. When setting up "show and hide" dates for a folder or item in Resources, you have the ability to send an email to students to notify them of the availability of the content. Currently, it sends the email immediately. Instructor wants it to send the email on the "show" date instead. (slawphon) 09/22/2011

Test & Quizzes

  1. Email notification to instructor when a student submits an assessment. Useful for instructors that leave assessments open for extended periods, and if they are managing many courses. (csmeby@ufl.edu) 1/20/2011
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