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Sakai Feature Request

  1. Assignments: "Download All" to only download the attachments without the additional folders and files(lawphong@ise.ufl.edu) 9/29/2010
  2. Lessons: Have the ability to organize the files stored under "Manage Content" into folders. Right now there is no way to organize these.
  3. Assessments: When an assessment is set for all questions on same page, and there is a time limit: "freeze the clock on the screen so it can follow them as they scroll" (jeremy.pye@gmail.com) 10/7/2010

  1. Resources tool: Uploading same file in Resources, adds version #, doesn't ask to replace. (plaipis) 12/13/2010
  2. Resources tool: URL's are case sensitive. (plaipis) 12/13/2010
  3. Resources tool: Edit details field doesnt save. (plaipis) 12/13/2010
  1. Gradebook tool: Import a spreadsheet with UFID, give a more informative error message. (plaipis) 12/13/2010
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