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May 8th, 2013, is the cut off deadline for Institutional Assessment 2013 data collection and final outcome updates. Please finalize your feedback before then.

Accessing the General Education Assessment (GEA) Web App

The General Education Assessment (GEA) Web App resides at:

When you first arrive at this page, you should be prompted to login with your Gatorlink ID and password using the UF Login page.

Assessing Students

Displaying Student Information

You can pull up the students for a section by clicking on the section number. Alternately, you can view students in all your sections by clicking the "All Sections" link.

Assigning Scores to a Student

To assess a student in a particular Student Learning Outcome (SLO), click on the most appropriate bubble in that row. For your convenience, you can access the rubrics for each SLO by clicking the blue question mark beside the SLO name. Note that clicking this question mark will pop-up the information without forcing you to leave the page, ensuring that you will not lose any entered information by referring to the rubric.

Rubric Information Location
Location of Rubric Information. Each blue question mark displays the rubric and/or definition for that SLO.

Please note that an assessment for each SLO is required, and the system will not let you save an incomplete assessment. The "N/A" option is provided when a particular SLO is not relevant to your assignment/course.

If you find that the assignment is not submitted or otherwise unscorable for a particular student, you may select the "Unscorable" option by clicking the checkbox next to that option. When "Unscorable" is selected, all SLO assessments for that student are blanked out. If you have clicked the "Unscorable" option in error, you may uncheck the checkbox simply by clicking it again. However, you will need to re-enter the SLO assessments for that student.

Example with Unscorable Checked
When the Unscorable checkbox is selected, the other SLO assessments for the student are blanked out and become unclickable until the Unscorable checkbox is unchecked.

Saving Your Work

You will not need to complete all student evaluations in one sitting. As long as you fully complete each individual student's assessment, you can save your work and pick up at a later time.

In order to save your assessment of a particular student, click the Save button beneath that student's record. When you successfully save a student's record, you should notice that the "Last Updated" field is changed to reflect the precise moment you clicked the Save button. Once saved, your assessment for that student is considered submitted, and there is not a follow-up process to submit after saving. Please note that only the most recent assessment is saved within the system. If you make changes to a student's assessment, it will save over the previous result. If you find an error in your assessment for a student, make corrections and click the Save button again.

If you find that you've made a mistake before you've saved a student's assessment and you would like to go back to the way the assessment looked before you started working on it, click the Cancel button. This will cause the student's assessment to revert to the most recently saved information. (In the instance where a student has no saved information (i.e. "Last Updated" shows as "Never"), Cancel should cause the student's assessment to revert back to a blank state, ready for you to input SLO assessments.

Logging Out

In order to logout, click the "Logout" link at the top of the page. Please note that clicking this link begins the logout process. To successfully complete your logout, you must close your browser window.

For More Information

You can find additional information about the General Education Assessment, including sample assignment submissions and more details about rubrics, on the Institutional Assessment website or contact Dr. Eva Czarnecka at

Further Assistance

If you have further questions or need more direct assistance, contact Kate Haskell via email at

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