How Do I Reorder and hide Course Navigation Links

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How do I reorder and hide Course Navigation links?

By default, all links are enabled for all courses. Please note that links cannot be renamed.

Links to sections that don't have any content and that students cannot create content for will not be shown to students and will be "grayed" for your view. For example, if there are no learning outcomes set for the course, you will see the "Outcomes" link in gray, but students will not see the link at all. You can also hide and reorder links in the left navigation for your course.

Open Settings


Click the Settings link.

Open Navigation


Click the Navigation tab.

Reorder Navigation Links


Navigation links in blue text [1] are displayed to students. Navigation links in gray italicized text [2] are hidden from students. Course Navigation links cannot be renamed.

Drag and drop items to reorder them in the Course Navigation. You can also drag and drop course navigation links from each section—to hide them from or show them to students [3]. Click the Save button [4] when you are finished reordering everything.

Note: You can also select, navigate, and drop navigation links using a keyboard. To view the keyboard shortcuts, press the comma key. Links will always be placed below the link where you drop it. To replace a link at the beginning of the navigation menu, drop the link at the top. By default the link will appear as the second link in the list. Then move the top link down below your preferred link.

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