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iThenticate is a new service for faculty, staff and graduate student research and grant-writing. iThenticate is from the same company that created Turnitin, and allows you to scan your own research and grant proposals for missed citations and other mistakes that could be characterized as plagiarism, thereby protecting the integrity of your scholarship and your professional reputation.

iThenticate scans against a massive database of documents and files drawn from the Internet, as well as from more than 26,000,000 published research articles, 80 global scientific, technical and medical publishers, more than 1 million abstracts and citations from PubMed; and more than 20,000 scholarly research titles from EBSCOhost and the Gale InfoTrac OneFile. iThenticate is also used by major grant sources such as the Department of Energy, the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Institute of Mental Health; thus UF researchers can use the same tool that will be used by these and other agencies to help evaluate your work.

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