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PDF Downloads in Firefox and Chrome

Webdav in Mac Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Does Not Work

Workaround : (Leopard works fine) use Bitkinex for Windows 7 for Mac Snow Leopard use Goliath may file under resources

Dangling Realm Causes Users 404 Error When Logging In

Status: Root cause still being explored

Workaround: users can use Issue can be reported to HD/LSS staff and can be fixed manually but may take time

Dangling Realm Causes Login Errors

Status: being researched

Workaround: Do not delete any course or project site that has users or design that you plan to use for a regular course. Not sure if we need to talk about this or otherwise?

Missing Unpublished Site Icon

User Sees Different My workspace Than Majority

Workaround: Issue can be reported to HD/LSS staff and can be fixed manually but may take time

Roster Not Loaded

Workaround: Contact LSS staff to be assisted with adding roster to the course that is missing the enrollment

Syllabus Redirect Does Not Work Consistently

Workaround: Link to a Syllabus document or use inbuilt syllabus creator do not use multiple files and redirects in Syllabus tool


Space in File Name Attachments

Status: Problem reported to developers Workaround: Identified – use – or _ instead of spaces

CC from Sakai Land in Spam Folder

Status: Being tested for additional details and develop instructions on how to white list mail.


Space in File Name Attachments

Status: Problem reported to developers Workaround: Use a dash(-) or underscore(_) instead of spaces in file name

Users Get Mails When New Posts Are Made to Discussions

Status: Making arrangements with developers on changing the default to not send messages Workaround: Go to Discussions < Watch < do not send notification


TurningPoint roster export in IE

Status: Being researched to see if an IE setting can be tweaked to prevent truncating file names and extensions. Update: issue reported to vendor as per Mark’s request Workaround: Use Firefox

TurningPoint Import Problems

Workaround: Use the .csv file generated by TurningPoint from 'session reports' tab in Powerpoint, TurningPoint, and import the session file into Sakai. This is the only workaround as this is a vendor provided code.

Test & Quizzes

T&Q Edit Published and Attempted Quiz

Status: Fix soon to be tested and promoted to production, DO NOT use 'remove' this will reset all submissions.

T&Q Inputs Null in Feedback When Using Markup Text

Workaround: Use firefox plugin - PS: additional testing to be done to make sure we are comfortable with this. Update: Oct 5th – Does not show in feedback as null when Question/Selection level feedback is enabled

Import in T&Q Does Not Work and Can Corrupt Username

Status: Issue being looked into in the community and to be included in future upgrades. Workaround: Use the Markup text option to create quiz. If users get an error when attempting to create question pool or access a question pool please report user to LSS staff a manual process has been identified but will take some time to be implemented,


Turnitin Report Not Generated

Status: Works only for word docs currently. Being tested for duplication and analyzing characteristics of user submissions Workaround: ask user who did not get a report generated to resubmit their paper

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