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(Users in Sakai Cannot Change Gatorlink Username)
(Grade Items in Bold for Some Students)
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===Users in Sakai Cannot Change Gatorlink Username===
===Users in Sakai Cannot Change Gatorlink Username===
*''Status'': Issue has been identified and is currently on hold
*''Status'': Issue has been identified and is currently on hold
===Grade Items in Bold for Some Students===
*If quizzes have multiple attempted the (highest is reordered in the Ggradebook and this is indicated in bold.
===Gradebook Import: 2 Options===
===Gradebook Import: 2 Options===

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Last updated: 10-25-2010



PDF Downloads in Firefox and Chrome

After an Adobe update, some PDFs will not open within Firefox and Chrome. Workaround: You can download the file and open it on your computer, or you can use Internet Explorer, or you can use this Firefox Plug-in.

Users in Sakai Cannot Change Gatorlink Username

Gradebook Import: 2 Options

Webdav in Mac Snow Leopard and Windows 7 Does Not Work

Dangling Realm Causes Users 404 Error When Logging In

Dangling Realm Causes Login Errors

Missing Unpublished Site Icon

User Sees Different My workspace Than Majority

Roster Not Loaded

Groups in Sakai - Auto Groups Sections – Does Not Populate

Continued: If groups are added with roles Instructor or TA and group members completes process but later on un-enrolls members from the group. Double click on members in groups or sites will lead to adding or removing user from that panel.===

Gradebook VS Gradebook 2

a) terminology when using % Gradebook lists that as relative weight while gradebook lists it as points but calculates relative weights. b) If one wants to change from points to % after they have entered some grades best to do that in Gradebook than Gradebook 2 as gradebook 2 will want one to delete all old points and then enter new points however gradebook will allow you to do so without getting rid of old points. But will always recommend they download the gradebook first for safe keeping. c) If using percentage all columns should total up to the total of 100% if only a few columns are entered then the columns will accounts for a greater %’s mathematically it is correct because you only may have a total of 10% of the total 100% accounted.

No spell check in HTML editor

Syllabus Redirect Does Not Work Consistently


Space in File Name Attachments

CC from Sakai Land in Spam Folder


Space in File Name Attachments

Users Get Mails When New Posts Are Made to Discussions

Entity Picker Links for Discussions Only Shows for Creator of Topic


Journal tool missing


TurningPoint roster export in IE

Update: issue reported to vendor as per Mark’s request

Issue fixed with new Turning Point Software

available at Sakai Integration 2.6 version

TurningPoint Import Problems

Issue fixed with new Turning Point Software

available at Sakai Integration 2.6 version

Test & Quizzes

T&Q Edit Published and Attempted Quiz

T&Q Inputs Null in Feedback When Using Markup Text

Update: Oct 5th – Does not show in feedback as null when Question/Selection level feedback is enabled

T&Q Preview Timer Not Displayed so Student Gets No Grade

Import in T&Q Does Not Work and Can Corrupt Username

Large Question Pools 100 Per Pool

T&Q Displays Answer to Students with Certain Settings

Certain Settings: If a Quiz that uses random questions from a question pool is delivered with settings < Navigations < Random access to questions from a Table of Contents. (There are "Next" and "Previous" buttons on each page for navigation.) < This displays the table of contents and also displays if they got the right or wrong answer (from the score displayed next to the question 1/1) . This DOES NOT manifest itself this way when Radom questions from question pool is used.===

Update Oct 6th – Happens only if Immediate feedback is enabled

T&Q Audio Type Questions

Issue: Errors our due to Java policies – bug reported to developers

Inserting a Less Than Sign(<) in Multiple Choice Answers Using Quick Create

Facilitators do Not see Published Assessments in T&Q=== Issue: Therefore they are unable access anything related to a published assessment. (Grading, editing, etc)


Turnitin Report Not Generated

Assignment Comments Generate HTML Tags

Assignments allows only 1 decimal point

Students Can Not See Attachments in Assignments or T&Q

The instructor will be able to see the attachments, however students do not. This happens in courses that have been imported from previous terms. Issue has been reported to the developers and they are working on this issue.

Update: – Oct 7th Cause for this has been narrowed to permissions of the Resources tool. If students do not have read access to the root this seems to interfere with this. One should not remove read privilege for students at root.


Assessments Tool Does Not Display Well in IE

Key Highlights of 1.2.3 Mid Fall Build

  1. Unpublished icon is now displayed
  2. Published/attempted quizzes can be edited and auto re-grade possible for some quizzes (if a quiz uses a question pool the edit has to be made to the question pool question and it did not flow into the quiz however stand-alone questions can be edited and regarded)
  3. The confusion caused by adding users with their email ID has been removed, the “Add Participants” only allows one to add users based on their UFID’s or gatorlink usernames
  4. Journal tool has been put back
  5. Turnitin name restored in Assignment tool
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