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(Webdav in Windows 7 Mac Snow Leopard Does Not Work)
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*''Workaround'': Go to Discussions and click on '''Watch''' at the top of the screen. Change your preference to "Do not send notification."
*''Workaround'': Go to Discussions and click on '''Watch''' at the top of the screen. Change your preference to "Do not send notification."
*''Status'': Under investigation
*''Status'': Under investigation
===UFID Column Causing Problems with File Import===
*''Problem'': An update was recently made to the system that adds the UFID column to the file when the Gradebook and Gradebook 2 are downloaded.  This was done to provide the UFID in the file for grade submission to Grade-A-Gator.  So now, when you download either gradebook, you will see a column containing the UFID.  The problem occurs if you try to import that file back into Gradebook.  The imported file will convert the UFID to the student name and the import will fail.
*''Workaround'': Delete the UFID column before importing the file.
*''Status'': Under investigation.
==Gradebook 2==
==Gradebook 2==

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Unable to Open PPT Files

Unable to Download PDFs in Firefox and Chrome

Users in Sakai Cannot Change Gatorlink Username

Webdav in Windows 7 and Mac Snow Leopard Does Not Work

Some Users See 404 Error When Logging In (Rare)

User Sees Different "My Workspace" than Majority (Rare)

Messages to Gatorlink Email from Sakai Captured by "Barracuda" Spam Filter

Auto-Groups Does not Work


Assessments Tool Does Not Display Well in IE


Turnitin Report Not Always Generated

Instructor Comments in the Assignments Shows HTML Tags


Blog Permissions Default is That Students Can Not Create a New Blog

Content Editor

Entity Picker in Content Editor Not Fully Functional

Content Editor Not Available in Discussions and Mail Tools

Spell Check Not Available in Content Editor


Can't open Attachments in Discussions

Users Get Email When New Post is Made to Discussions


UFID Column Causing Problems with File Import

Gradebook 2

Terminology Incorrect When Using the "Grade Using Percentage" in Gradebook 2

Can't Change from Points to Percentages Once Point Data has Been Entered in Gradebook 2


Can't Open Attachments in Mail

--Rnarasi 15:28, 28 October 2010 (EDT)


Syllabus Redirect Does Not Work Consistently


TurningPoint Roster Does Not Export to Sakai

--Rnarasi 12:55, 2 November 2010 (EDT)

Test & Quizzes

T&Q Inputs "Null" in Feedback When Using Markup Text (Cut and Paste from Text Document)

"Import" Function in Tests & Quizzes can Corrupt Username

Problems Presenting in Question Pools Larger Than 100 Questions

Audio Recording Questions not Working

--Rnarasi 12:59, 2 November 2010 (EDT)

Facilitators do not See Published Assessments in T&Q (Rare)

Multiple Correct Questions and Partial Credit

Key Highlights of 1.2.3 Mid Fall Build Implemented 10/24/2010

  1. Unpublished icon is now displayed
  2. Published/attempted quizzes can be edited and auto re-grade possible for some quizzes (if a quiz uses a question pool the edit has to be made to the question pool question and it did not flow into the quiz however stand-alone questions can be edited and regarded)
  3. The confusion caused by adding users with their email ID has been removed, the “Add Participants” only allows one to add users based on their UFID’s or gatorlink usernames
  4. Journal tool has been put back
  5. Turnitin name restored in Assignment tool
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