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Lessons tool is for displaying content to students in a structured form. Each Lessons module can provide an introductory paragraph, links to documents, websites, audio and video recordings, and a "Next Steps" paragraph instructing students what to do when they have completed the module. The content is easily navigated by way of a Table of Contents and Prev and Next buttons at the top of the page. You can elect to display modules during specific date ranges.

When you click on Lessons in the left menu bar, you will see four bullet points at the top of the page.

Note: The preference to show as expanded or collapsed is specific to each user. While you can set Lessons to show as expanded, a student can set her preferences to show as collapsed.

Create and Manage Modules

From the "Author" view:

Add Content

A Content Section is like a container for a piece of content - either a file or a link to web content. Rather than just having a link to a file name, the Content Section can provide a title, instructions, copyright information, etc.

Edit a Module

Once modules and content are created, you can go back and edit at any time.

Right (Indent) and Left (Outdent)

Moving content left and right can further organize your content. Here is an example of using right indention to make the two pieces of content "Mary Leakey" and "Richard Leakey" appear under the heading "The Leakey Family.":


To indent (move right) or outdent (move left) content:


Sort allows you to reorder the content. You can sort the modules, or the content within the modules. To sort:

Move Sections

This option allows you to move content from one module to another.


Delete permanently removes content. The content is also removed from the Lessons inventory.


Modules can be archived. They are removed from the list of available modules, but can be restored from the archive for later use. Modules are archived as a whole. Individual content items cannot be archived.

Restore an archived module
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