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Mail can be used to communicate with individuals, groups, sections, roles, or all participants. Communications are all contained within the Course and keeps email messages out of your inbox. Mail messages can be cc'd to users' email. The email received will contain a link that takes the user back into the eLearning in Sakai system to that he/she can reply to the Mail message.

Note:The term "Mail" refers to messages sent using the Mail tool within the system. "Email" refers to messages that are sent to the person's email address.

Send Mail

  1. Click Mail
  2. Click Compose Message
  3. Select the individual(s), group(s), Section(s), or Role(s) to whom you want to send a message.
  4. If you want a carbon copy sent to the Recipients’ Email Address(es), make sure the box beside "Send cc" is checked.
  5. Under Label, use the drop-down list to change the priority status of your message.
    1. Low Priority - Some users can set their preferences to not receive email messages for low priority mail. They also might choose to receive a daily digest email containing all low priority mail.
  6. Next to Subject, type the subject of your message.
  7. Under Message, use the Content Editor to compose your message.
  8. If desired, click Add Attachments to attach a file from your local computer or from Resources.
  9. Click Send

Mail Settings

Mail settings allows you to set certain options as the default.

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