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=== Student Faq===
=== Student Faq===
Send your students to the link below so they can learn what they should do if they experience problems with Sakai. [[Student Faq|Student Faq]]
Frequently Asked Questions for Students using Sakai. [[Student Faq|Student Faq]]
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

  • How do I import grades into Gradebook?
  • How do I add users to my course?
  • How do I use Turnitin in Sakai?
  • How do I request a course in Sakai?
  • What if my students can't view PDF's?
  • What if my students get a 403 error?
  • How do I change my grade scale?
  • More

Known Issues

Known issues are bugs that have been found. See the full lists of issues as well as the work around for each issue. Known Issues

Student Faq

Frequently Asked Questions for Students using Sakai. Student Faq

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