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The Meetings tool uses a product called "Big Blue Button" to create a synchronous communications meeting room with audio/video/text capabilities. These meeting rooms can accommodate up to 100 participants and can be recorded for future viewing. The instructor can share files or his/her desktop during the session. There are breakout rooms for smaller, private conversations. Meeting rooms may be made "public" and shared with people who are not enrolled in the course or site.

Create a Meeting

Meeting Information

  1. Click Meetings in the course toolbar
  2. Click Create Meeting at the top of the page
  3. Title: Provide a Title for the Meeting room
    1. Description: (Optional) Provide a Description that will be displayed when participants join the meeting.
  4. Recording: Check the box if you want the meeting to be recorded. NOTE: The recording is automatic. It begins as soon as someone enters the room and ends a few minutes after the last person leaves the room. The instructor does not have the option to manually begin and/or end the recording.
  5. Meeting Duration: Enter a number in minutes. NOTE: This number does not limit the meeting in any way. It is strictly information.


You may specify this meeting room to be available to the entire course, OR to specific people or groups. The default is that all people enrolled in the course will have access. The person creating the Meeting room is the Moderator and all others are Attendees. To choose specific people:

  1. Change the "Add participant:" drop-down window to "User." The next drop-down window displays a list of all participants.
    1. Select the person and click Add. The person will be added to the Participant list as an "Attendee."
      1. If desired, use the drop-down menu beside the person's name to change the person to a Moderator.
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