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File:Example.jpg|Step 1: Login to
File:myufl_login.jpg|Step 1: Login to
File:navigation.jpg|Step 2: Navigate to My Canvas Course Management
File:navigation.jpg|Step 2: Navigate to My Canvas Course Management
File:course_list.jpg|Step 3: Select a Course
File:course_list.jpg|Step 3: Select a Course

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Some general use cases for adding participants includes:

How-To Add Participants

1. Login to

2. Navigate to Main Menu > UF Campus Solutions > Online Learning > My Canvas Course Management in

3. A list of course will be displayed where you have been designated as Teacher in Canvas. Please select a course from the list.

4. Once you select a course, you have several options:

5. After selecting a section, the page opens up a box where you can enter (or paste) a list of UFIDs. This is useful if you are organizing work groups for your entire course and are working off of a class roll. After the UFIDs have been entered, select the role you want to assign all of these UFIDs and the enrollment status (add/drop), then press Parse UFIDs.


Alternatively, you can skip the box and enter each UFID in the grid at the bottom of the page.

After you are finished adding UFIDs, press the Process Enrollment Request button.

6. A message box will let you know if your transactions were accepted or if there are any issues that need fixing before continuing.

7. It takes a few minutes for the enrollments to process and appear in Canvas.

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