My Canvas Course Management: Creating Sections

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How-To Create Sections

1. Login to

Myufl login.jpg

2. Navigate to Main Menu > UF Campus Solutions > Online Learning > My Canvas Course Management in


3. A list of course will be displayed where you have been designated as Teacher in Canvas. Please select a course from the list.

Course list.jpg

4. In the Section drop-down menu:

Select section.jpg

5. After selecting *Create Section, the page opens up Create Section field.

NOTE: Your section will appear in Canvas immediately. Only students who are enrolled in the course can be assigned in your new section.

Create section.jpg

6. A message box will let you know if your transactions were accepted or if there are any issues that need fixing before continuing.

Message box.jpg

7. It takes a few minutes for the enrollments to process and appear in Canvas.

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