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Podcasts allow students to access video/audio files using their computers, cell phone or mp3 players when they are not connected to the internet. They can listen on a plane, bus, or in a rural area with no coverage.

You will need to have your audio files in an MP3 format and video files in MP4 format for podcasting purposes. | Audacity is a free and easy to use software for creating audio files.

Once you have an MP3 and/or MP4 file, you may add it to the Podcast tool in eLearning in Sakai so students can access them with a podcatcher.

Add a podcast

  1. Click on Podcasts in the left menu bar.
  2. Click Add
  3. Beside “Choose a file,” click Browse
  4. Select the file on your computer and click Open
    • NOTE: Files with names that include these characters - / \ ? * " : < > @ # % cannot be accepted. If your file’s name contains one of these characters, change the filename before attempting to upload it.
  5. Enter a date and time to publish your podcast. Date must be in format “MM/DD/YYYY HH HH:MM AM/PM” (ex 12/15/2006 02:33:25 PM). Clicking the calendar icon and selecting the date will do this automatically.
  6. Enter a title for your podcast.
  7. Enter a brief description about the podcast you are uploading, if desired.
  8. Click Add

Edit a Podcast

If you need to edit the actual content of the podcast file, that must be done on your editing software and the file uploaded again. These instructions only to apply to editing, title, description, available dates.

  1. Click the hyperlinked name of the podcast
  2. Click Edit
  3. Revise information about the podcast. Click Save Changes
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