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== Login to Qualtrics ==
== Login to UF Qualtrics ==

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Information for Current Users of Qualtrics

If you already have a Qualtrics account purchased by your College or Department or by yourself, you will probably want to migrate your existing surveys and data into the UF account. This is mostly automatic. When you first login you will see the option to Migrate your existing Account:

Qualtrics login.jpg

Fill in the *Qualtrics* login information you have used in the past, then click the Migrate Account button. You should very quickly find yourself looking at all your previous work, but now it is under the UFL account. If you get an error message during the process, contact e-Learning Support Services at 352.392.4367, option 3, Hub 132, or learning-support@ufl.edu for assistance.

If you or your unit wish to keep paying for your own Qualtrics account, you are free to do so. Simply ignore the UF login and login to Qualtrics as you have always done in the past.

Login to UF Qualtrics


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