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Content you've created in one semester can be imported into your course for the new semester. This tutorial will provide instructions for the most efficient methods of re-using content from one semester to the next.

You do not have to import all content from a previous semester. You choose to import content from specific tools. For example, you may choose to import your Reources, Lessons and Assignments, but not your Calendar or Discussions.

Some tools have no content to import - such as the "Feedback" tool which is student specific. Since the same students are not in the new course, there is no content in Feedback that can be imported into the new course.

Tools That Can be Imported Tools That Cannot Be Imported
Announcements Home
Assessments Blogs
Assignments Feedback
Calendar Gradebook 2
Chat Room Journals
Discussions Mail
Goal Management Roster
Gradebook Skin Selector
Lessons Site Info
RSS Feeds Section Info
Podcasts Turning Technologies
Site Stats
Tests & Quizzes
Web Links

Before you import your content from a previous semester, you want to make sure your new course has all the tools you will be importing. For example, if you used "Lessons" in your previous semester, make sure "Lessons" has been added to the toolbar in the current course. If the tool is not in both courses, you will not have the option to import content from that tool.

Import Content

In the new course:

  1. Click Site Info in the left menu bar.
  2. Click Import from Site in the top menu bar.
    1. "I would like to replace my data" Any existing data will be overwritten, replaced by your import data. This method allows you to import Gradebook settings such as categories and associated weights. This is the choice most Instructors will want to use for copying content from a previous semester.
    2. "I would like to merge my data" Your import data will merge with existing data. Does not allow import of Gradebook settings. You would use this option if you have created new Assignments or other content and you want the imported data to merge with this content instead of replacing it.
      • If you want to use this option, but still import your gradebook, you can merge your data first, then come back and replace your data and only select "Gradebook."
    3. "I would like to merge my users" Your imported users will merge with existing users. This would only be useful in non-registrar courses where all participants will be enrolled in the new course as well as the old.
  3. Click option 1 or 2
  4. Select the course that contains the content you want to import and click Continue.
  5. Check the box beside the tool(s) from which you want to import content.
  6. Click Finish
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