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Each semester you will request a new course shell which you will associate with the rosters for your course. You may Re-use Content in New Semester by importing the content into the new shell.

Request a Course

It is highly recommended that you request your course well in advance of the beginning of the semester. Those who wait until the last minute will face much longer wait times until their course is created. It is possible your course will not be created before the beginning of the semester.

  1. Go to and click Instructor e-Learning Course Request
  2. Login using your gatorlink username and password.
  3. Fill out the form
    • Please make every effort to provide your section number(s). While we can create a course shell without a section number, it will have to be associated with a section number at some point if there are going to be students enrolled in the course. If you do not have a section number, use 9999 for the section number until you find it. Then you will have to fill out the request form again to have the section associated with your course.
  4. Click Submit

You should see a green box that contains a "successful submission" message. If you did not fill out the form correctly, you will get a red message telling you to go back and check the form for errors.

Once you've submitted successfully, you will also receive an email confirming your submission.

Once your course has been created (usually within 24 hours, but will take longer if you are having content migrated from e-Learning or it is close to the beginning of the semester), you will receive an email informing you that the course has been created.

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