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Last updated: 11-01-2010


The Resources tool inside your course can be used in two different ways:

NOTE: Hiding the tool from students does not prevent students from accessing the Resources in other ways. You should not store sensitive documents in Resources

Go | here to read a discussion of the pros and cons of the two options.

Add Folders to Resources

You may create folder to aid in organizing the content you add to Resources. To create a new folder,

  1. Click Resources in the left menu bar.
  2. Beside the main folder for your course (will be called 'Name of Course' Resources), click Add
    • Once you have created folders, you may add folders inside those also.
  3. Click Create Folders
  4. "Folder Name" - enter a name for the folder.
    1. Click Add details for this item if you want to add a description, set special permissions, availability dates, etc.
      • "Description" - this is for the instructor use only. It does not appear to the students.
      • "Availability and Access" - Who will be able to see this content?
        • By default, all members of this site can see the folder and its contents.
        • Or you may change the folder so that all the content is "publicly viewable." This means that the files are accessible by anyone, not just those enrolled in the course. You may send a link to the files to an outside user and he/she will be able to see the file. The files could be found with an internet search.
        • If you have created groups in your course, a third option will be available to assign this folder and its content to specific group(s). When you choose this option, a list of all your groups appears so that you can choose which one(s) get access to the folder.
      • When will the folder be accessible? Set the dates for when the participants will be able to see the content, OR select "Hide this folder and its contents" to hide this folder from participants. NOTE: If you hide the folder, you cannot link to these files anywhere in the course. Students will get a "403 Error" if you link to a file that is in a hidden folder.

From - Resuse Content in New Semester - In the original course, if you rearranged files in the root folder, those files will be returned to their alphabetical state. If you created folders, the files within the folders will retain whatever order you gave them. You can eliminate the need to reorder files if you create a folder called "Root" and place all other folders and files within that folder. From that point on, the files and folders will maintain the order you establish through import.

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