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Auditor - Identical to the student role but cannot receive a final grade for the course.

CE Student - Student role for continuing education or non-Registrar students.

Designer - Can add and edit course content but cannot interact with students or grade work.

Facilitator - Has all instructor permissions but does not show up in gradebook listed as instructor.

Grader - Can grade assignments, assessments, etc. but cannot access content or interact with students.

Guest Lecturer - Limited ability to add content and interact with students.

Instructor - Full permissions to read, revise, delete and add both content and participants to a site as well as interact with and grade students.

Observer - Can view all aspects of course content but cannot change content or interact with students.

Student - Can read content, participate in course activities, submit assignments and take tests/quizzes.

TA-NonGrading - Can edit content and update course but cannot access grading functions.

Teaching Assistant - Can add and edit most content in their sections as well as view, grade, and interact with students.

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