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This tutorial is under construction. If you have questions that are not addressed here, contact e-Learning Support Services at 352.392.4357x3.

Rubrics are built into e-Learning in Gradebook, and beginning in Spring 2014, Gradebook 2, using an integration with "i-Rubrics." This tutorial assumes that you have created your rubrics at the rcampus site and will only cover how to incorporate them through e-Learning. Rcampus provides quality video tutorials for how to create the rubrics. Rubrics are attached to Gradebook columns and may be accessed from the Assignment tool as well as the Gradebook.

Attach a Rubric in Gradebook

This tutorial assumes there are already columns created in Gradebook. If you have not created your columns yet, refer to the Gradebook tutorial for instructions on how to create the columns.

From the "Gradebook Items" screen:

  1. Click Edit beside the column to which you want to attach a rubric.
  2. Click Select iRubric
    • You are taken to the UF account at the website where your rubrics are created and stored.
  3. Click select a rubric. A screen opens that shows all the rubrics that are available to you.
    1. If the rubric you want to use is listed, click select beside that rubric
    2. If the rubric has not yet been created, click build rubric. You have four options for building a rubric:
      • "Option A: Build from Scratch" > Click start and follow the instructions to create the rubric
      • "Option B: Revise my existing rubric" > Click start and choose the rubric you want to edit.
      • "Option C: Duplicate and re-purpose an existing rubric" > Click start and search your rubrics for one you want to duplicate and edit.
      • "Option D: Import a rubric from iRubric Public Gallery" > Click start and search the thousands of publicly available rubrics on the iRubric site for one that you can edit and use in your course.
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