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== Overview ==
== Overview ==

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A tool that allows users to organize office hours, review sessions, study groups and similar activities.

Different event types are used for creating a new event/meeting

The Sign-up Tool allows you to create three different types of events/meetings. The types are defined as follows:  

  1. Multiple Slots: The meeting is segmented into multiple time slots. The participant is required to sign up.
  2. Single Slot: There is a single time slot for an event/meeting; the number of participants can be limited or unlimited and the participant is required to sign up.
  3. Open meeting (no sign-up required)

How to create a Multiple Slots event/meeting

  1. Navigate to the Sign-up Tool main page
  2. Click the Add link on the top menu bar and you will advance to the next page, "Create New Meeting: Basic Information."
  3. Fill in all the data fields on this page
  4. Select the Multiple Slots radio button
  5. Click the Next button to continue to the next page, "Meeting Summary"
  6. If you are satisfied with the current settings
    • You can click the Publish button to publish the event/meeting and it will appear on the main page.
    • Or click the Cancel button to go back to main page and all your data will be lost.
    • Or if you want to pre-assign some participants to the event/meeting, click the Assign Participants & Publish button to go to the next page, "Assign Participants."
      1. Click Assign Participants & Publish to advance to the page, "Assign Participants"
      2. Click the Add button and select a participant from the dropdown.
      3. Click OK to add the participant.
      4. Click the Publish button to complete the process. You will return to the main page, where you can see the newly published event/meeting.

Lock or cancel a time slot


Once the time slot is locked, participants can no longer sign up; however they can cancel their appointment. Unlock reopens the time slot. How To:

  1. Click the title of the Meeting Title
  2. Click the Time Slot
  3. A link "lock this time slot Lock - prevent participant sign-up" should appear
  4. Click the link to toggle


Once the time slot is cancelled, all participants associated with that time slot will be removed (including those on the wait list), and participants can no longer sign up or add themselves to the wait list. Restore will reopen this time slot but it will not restore the former participants. How To:

  1. Click the title of the Meeting Title
  2. Click the Time Slot
  3. A link "Cancel - delete the timeslot" should appear
  4. Click the link to toggle
    • You will be able to Restore the timeslot, but remember that all Participants were removed when the timeslot was cancelled.
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