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Site Stats can give you valuable information about overall use of your course as well as data on specific user activity. This tool is not available to students. NOTE: If you add the tool to the toolbar in the middle of the semester, the reports will only be generated for events that happened after the tool was added.

When you click Site Stats in the left menu bar, you are brought to the "Overview" screen where you see two types of information:



Reports allows you to obtain data about tool use and/or student activity during specific dates.

  1. Click Reports at the top of the Site Stats page.
  2. Click Add under the "My reports" heading.
  3. If you want to save this report, you need to give it a Title. Click Show beside "Report" and enter a Title and Description if desired.
  4. "What?" Select the activity you want in the report
    • Activity - There are two drop-down menus. The first one offers Events or Resources
      • Events - An action taken within a certain tool. For example, a Calendar posting, an Assignment submission, a Mail message.
        • When you choose "Events," you will be able to refine the report further by specifying actions within the tool. For example, if you want to know if a certain student had accessed the Mail tool, you would use "Select by tool" from the drop-down menu, and then "Mail" under the "Selection" box.
        • If you want to see if a certain student sent a Mail message, change "Select by tool" to "Select by event." In the "Selection" box, choose "New private message" under the "Mail" heading.
      • Resources - When you choose Resources, other options appear.
        • You can Limit the report to a specific action, such as posting a new resource, reading, deleting, revising a resource. When you check the "Limit to action:" box, a drop-down menu allows you to choose on a limiter.
        • You can Limit the report to a specific Resource, such as the Resources tool, the Assignment Drop-Box, and Attachments added, such as in Discussions or Assignments. When you check the "Limit to resources:" box, three options appear. Check the box beside the Resource(s) you want to include in the report.
  5. "When?" Select the time period that the report will encompass. There are several pre-set options in the "Period:" drop-down menu, or choose "Custom" to set a specific date range.
  6. "Who?" Determine which users you want to include in the report. The default is "All" but you can run reports on a specific role, such as Teaching Assistant, or Auditor. If you choose custom, you will be able to select a specific individual or individuals.
  7. "How?"
    • The report will be displayed based on your choice(s) in the "Totals by:" box. By default, "User," "Event," and "Date" are selected. (If you chose "Resources" under the "What?" category, "Resource" and "Resource action" will be available here).
    1. Click an item to select it. To select more than one item, hold down CTRL key while clicking the items.
    2. Number of results: Check the box and enter a number in the "Limit to:" field.
    3. Choose to display your report in a Table, Chart or both from the "Presentation" drop-down menu.
    4. If you want to save this report to run again in future, click Save report
    5. Click Generate Report

Manage Reports

Once you have reports saved, you may Edit, Duplicate and Delete them.

Edit Reports

  1. Click Site Stats in the left menu bar.
  2. Under the title of the report, click Edit.
  3. Make your changes and click Save report.

Duplicate Reports

If you want a slightly different report, duplicate the original and make the minor changes to it, rather than creating a new report from scratch.

  1. Click Site Stats in the left menu bar.
  2. Under the title of the report, click Duplicate.
  3. Open the new report and make your changes, click Save report.

Delete Reports

  1. Click Site Stats in the left menu bar.
  2. Under the title of the report, click Delete.
  3. In response to the "The report 'report name' will be permanently removed. Continue?" Click OK.
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