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Last updated: 11-16-2010


How do I login to eLearning in Sakai?

NOTE: If you are going to create a bookmark for Sakai login, please bookmark, not the actual login page or the "My Workspace" page once you are in Sakai.

What is "My Workspace" and how can I customize it?

Go here for a complete tutorial.

What are the computer requirements for using e-Learning in Sakai?

If you have a compatible browser and internet connection (preferably a broadband connection such as DSL or cable), you should have no problem connecting to and using e-Learning in Sakai.

The officially recommended requirements for e-Learning in Sakai are:

A broadband Internet connection is strongly recommended. Slower connections should still be able to access e-Learning in Sakai, but will take longer to load. SPECIAL NOTE: Some users with satellite Internet service may find their online courses do not load quickly or consistently due to satellite network design issues.

Can I use my browser "back" button?

No. Navigate within the system by clicking on links and icons.

Links to Tools are in the menu bar on the left side of the screen. Links to Courses and Project Sites appear as tabs across the top of the page.

Why don't I see my course in e-Learning in Sakai?

There could be a couple of reasons why you don't see your course in Sakai.

  1. Your Instructor hasn't released it yet. Your Instructor publishes the course when she/he is ready. If your Instructor has stated that the course has been published and you still don't see it, it may be that . . .
  2. Your registration has a problem with it. The Registrar will drop you from classes if you have issues that need to be dealt with, such as fees, vaccination certificates, etc.

If neither of these circumstances apply, contact the Help Desk at 352-392-HELP(4357).

Why am I getting 403 errors when I click documents or links in my course?

If you are getting 403 errors, it is because the content is placed in a location that isn't accessible to you. You may contact the Help Desk (352-392-4357)and we will try to locate the problem and contact the Instructor.

What do I do if I am unable to open PDF documents in e-Learning in Sakai?

A recent Adobe update has created problems opening some PDF files in Firefox. If you right-click the file and download it, you will be able to open it on your computer. These files open as they should if you are using Internet Explorer.

If you still have problems, contact the Help Desk at 352-392-HELP(4357).

I added an attachment to a Mail or Discussion and no one can open it. Why?

This is a "bug" we are working to resolve. If you attach a file to Mail or Discussions that has spaces in the file name (for example.docx), the file cannot be opened. All you have to do is get rid of the spaces (for_example.docx) and the file will open fine. This problem is not seen in any other tool.

What do I do if I encounter problems while taking a test, quiz, or assessment?

It is recommended that you take online assessments during | Help Desk hours whenever possible. If you have a problem while taking an Assessment, log out and log back in as quickly as possible. If the assessment is timed, the timer will continue to run while you are logged out. If you still encounter difficulties, take a screen shot of the problem so the Help Desk can investigate and you will have proof of the problem for your Instructor. Call the Help Desk (352-392-4357)immediately.

How do I know if my Assignment was submitted successfully?

When you submit an Assignment you get a confirmation screen that contains a confirmation number. You might want to capture a screen shot or print it for your records. The Assignment list will also show this Assignment as "submitted" including the date and time of your submission. If you do not get the confirmation screen and your Assignment is not listed as "submitted," you have not submitted the Assignment.

If your Instructor has chosen to submit all papers through the Turnitin anti-plagiarism service, you will receive an email saying your paper has been submitted to Turnitin.

All of these are evidence that your Assignment was successfully submitted.

Why do I get an email everytime someone posts to a Discussion in Sakai?

By default, you will get an email everytime someone posts to a Discussion to which you have posted. You can change this by clicking Watch at the top of the main Discussions page.

How do I use the Blog tool?

How do I create a profile in Sakai?

You can create a profile on your My Workspace page. Go here for instructions.

How do I remove old classes from the tabs across the top of my screen?

Many instructors "unpublish" their course after the semester is over so those classes will disappear without you having to do anything. But if your instructor didn't unpublish it and you want to get rid of it, you can always edit which tabs you want to appear and in what order they appear. On the "My Workspace" page:

  1. Click Preferences in the left menu bar.
  2. Using the right and left arrows, move the courses into the "not visible in tabs" box or the "visible in tabs" box.
  3. Using the up and down arrows beside the "visible in tabs" box, put the courses in the order in which you want them to appear.
  4. In the "Tabs displayed" box, enter the number of tabs you want to be displayed across the top of the screen. If you have 7 courses in the "Visible in tabs" box and you choose "4" tabs displayed, the additional tabs will be in a "more" drop-down menu.
  5. Click Update Preferences
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