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Providing You With Greater Flexibility and More Options

Greater Control of Turnitin Options in Assignments

If you use Turnitin in your e-Learning course, you will definitely benefit from some new options that enable you to specify exactly how you'd like to use Turnitin's features.

New Turnitin options
The new Turnitin options in Assignments give you greater control over how you'd like the system to handle student submissions.

You now have the option to indicate that you don't wish for student papers to be stored in the Turnitin central repository, and you can also select the types of sources you'd like Turnitin to compare student submissions against.

Grading and Setting Up Discussions

In the new version of e-Learning, grading discussions is much more flexible. When you select "Grade" from the "More" menu item next to every forum and topic, the system displays the new Statistics and Grading page.

Statistics and Grading page
The new Statistics and Grading page in Discussions gives you more flexibility in how you grade your discussions.

If you haven't specified a default gradebook item when you created a forum topic, you'll see a red Grade icon on the right-hand side. When you click on that Grade icon, the system displays a pop-up menu where you can enter a grade for that particular student in the gradebook item of your choice. This enables you to have the option of grading students into different gradebook items from the same discussion topic.

The Discussions tool now includes a new setting to require your students to post something before reading any of the other posts in that forum.

New Post Alert
When a student tries to read posts before they've posted their own submission, they'll see this alert.

It's now easier than ever to copy a discussion forum or topic. Under the more, link, just select the Duplicate option, and you'll get a new copy of that forum or topic, saving you some mouse clicks and typing.

Duplicating discussion topics and forums
In the new version of e-Learning, you can easily duplicate discussions forums and topics.

New Gradebook Options

The Gradebook tool has added some interesting features for excluding some grades from your course grade calculation. You can choose to drop the lowest grades, keep highest grades, or even drop the highest grades for a gradebook category. You specify the number of items you want to drop or keep, allowing you a great deal of flexibility in your gradebook calculations.

New Gradebook options
New Gradebook options give you the ability to specify which items you'd like drop and keep in your course grade.

In Gradebook 2, UFID is now displayed as a column, and we've improved the import/export process to understand files with UFIDs and section numbers.

Connecting with Other Users via My Workspace

In the new e-Learning upgrade, you'll be able to write on other users' profile walls, just as you're used to on Facebook and other social media.

Duplicating discussion topics and forums
It's easier than ever to find and connect with other e-Learning users.

We've made some big improvements to the Profile search, making it easier to find other users by name, email, or even common interests. Once you find the person you're looking for, you can even send an email to their UF business email, right from the search results.

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