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If at any time, you want to move your online testing from the Tests & Quizzes tool to the Assessments tool, the process is fairly simple. Assessments provides an import from Tests & Quizzes. The main thing that you need to remember is that Question Pools are required in Assessments and are structured so that every question in the pool has the same point value. Because pools in Tests & Quizzes can have multiple point values in the same pool, when you import those pools into Assessments, the pool created will have a point value that is the average of the points in the pool. You can't edit this point value. You will then want to make pools with the correct point values and move the questions into the appropriate pool.

Here's an example:

In Tests & Quizzes, Mary Jones has Exam 1 with three parts.

If she imports the entire test into Assessments, she will have one pool with a point value of

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