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Please note that Sundays from Midnight to 9AM is designated as the routine maintenance window for e-Learning in Sakai. While we typically try to use this maintenance window infrequently, if we need to do maintenance we try to work during this time. Thus, instructors should not schedule work to be completed during or soon after this window nor should students expect to be able to submit assignments or complete quizzes.


Bambi - Build

Update: Changes have been rolled back. Attachments with spaces in file names are still an issue. (June 23, 2011)

(June 21, 2011)

Key Highlights

This update fixed the Known Issue where file attachments to the Mail tool and the Discussions tool could not be opened if the file had spaces in the file name. Attachments should now open with no problems.

Mid Fall 1.2.3 Build

(October 24, 2010)

Key Highlights

  1. Unpublished icon is now displayed
  2. Published/attempted quizzes can be edited and auto re-grade possible for some quizzes (if a quiz uses a question pool the edit has to be made to the question pool question and it did not flow into the quiz however stand-alone questions can be edited and regarded)here's the updates page now
  1. The confusion caused by adding users with their email ID has been removed, the “Add Participants” only allows one to add users based on their UFID’s or gatorlink usernames
  2. Journal tool has been put back
  3. Turnitin name restored in Assignment tool
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