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How do I create varied due date Graded Discussions?

You can create a Graded Discussion that has multiple due dates. Canvas will let you create one due date for each section in your course.

Open Discussions

Open Discussions.png

Click the Discussions link.

Start a Discussion

Start a Discussion.png

Click the Add Discussion button.

Create New Discussion

Create New Discussion.png

Click the Add Discussion button.

Create New Discussion

Type a Topic Title [1]. Enter your discussion content in the Rich Content Editor [2]. Click the Graded checkbox [3].

Enter Grading Details

Enter Grading Details.png

Enter the number of points possible [1], Grading Type [2], and Assignment Group [3].

Add Due Date

Add Due Date.png

Click the For drop-down menu [1] and select a section. Assign a Due Date using the calendar icon [2].

By default, the Discussion will be available for the entire duration of the course unless you want to restrict the dates that the Discussion appears. If you want to make it available to students only a few days or weeks before the due date, enter an Available From date [3]. If you want the assignment to be hidden from students after a certain date, enter an Until date [4].

Add Additional Due Dates

Add Additional Due Dates.png

To add additional due dates, click the Add Due Date button [1]. You can create as many due dates as the number of sections in your course. For example, if you have 4 sections in your course, you can add 4 due dates, after which the Due Date button will disappear.

Note: You don't have to add due dates for each individual section. You can set dates for a specific section and then choose Everyone Else for the remainder of your students [2].

Error Notifications

Error Notifications.png

Users will receive a notification when they submit an invalid string of due dates for a Quiz, Assignment, or Graded Discussion. Such invalid entries include not unlocking the assignment before it is due, or not placing the due date inside the range of availability dates.

Save Varied Due Dates

Save Varied Due Dates.png

When you are finished adding due dates, click the Save button.

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