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WebDAV for Windows 7

Windows 7 does NOT natively support WebDAV. You will need to download a third party software. BitKinex is one such software, and can be downloaded at: http://www.bitkinex.com/

Installion Tip

On installation choose HTTP connection.

Creating a WebDav Connection

  1. Start BitKinex
  2. File -> Quick Connect
  3. Paste your Resources URL into Server Address
    1. Go to your Sakai Course Resources Folder
    2. Click the link "Upload-Download Multiple Resources"
    3. Copy the url that is in bold
  4. Enter your gatorlink username and password
  5. Press connect

You should now be connected.

Transfer files from your local computer(Right most column) into your resources folder(Middle column).


I can't re-connect to a saved WebDAV session! What do I do?

To re-connect to a saved WebDAV session:

  1. Right-click on the session
  2. Properties
  3. Go to "Site Map" under Server
  4. Highlight the row with your webdav path
  5. Change "This location specifies:" to "Directory (WebDAV)"
  6. Click Update button
  7. Click OK

Double click the saved session to open it!

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