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WebDAV for Windows 7

Windows 7 does NOT natively support WebDAV. You will need to download a third party software. BitKinex is one such software, and can be downloaded at: http://www.bitkinex.com/download

Installion Tip

On installation choose HTTP connection.

Creating a WebDav Connection

  1. Start BitKinex
  2. File -> Quick Connect
  3. Paste your Resources URL into Server Address
 *Go to your Resources Folder
 *Click the link Upload-Download Multiple Resources
 *Copy the url that is in bold
 *Should resemble: https://elearning2.courses.ufl.edu/dav/f16c7b26-f3c6-4a03-87dc-20ec5c01c4bc
  1. Enter in your gatorlink username and password
  2. Press connect

You should now be connected.

Transfer files from your local computer(Right most column) into your resources folder(Middle column).


I can't re-connect to a saved WebDAV session! What do I do?

To re-connect to a saved WebDAV session:

  1. Right-click on the session
  2. Properties
  3. Go to "Site Map" under Server
  4. Highlight the row with your webdav path
  5. Change "This location specifies:" to "Directory (WebDAV)"
  6. Click Update button
  7. Click OK

Double click the saved session to open it!

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